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Become A Skinny Body Care Affiliate

Skinny Body Care enables the individual to become part of their marketing arm of the business and promote its products. By becoming an Affiliate of Skinny Body Care you can enjoy some additional income by working part time in promoting the products and business to others, or committing to full time and providing with a full time serious income.

Skinny Body Care provides all affiliates free marketing tools such as market savvy capture pages and free marketing training to enable you to promote the products and the business. With a world wide epidemic of obesity and the struggle of most people financially, Skinny Body Care provides a solution to the two biggest problems in society, obesity and earning more money.

To get started as an affiliate you can take the Skinny Body Care Tour yourself.


Getting started with Skinny Body Care only costs $69.95. When you start you have three options to start your affiliate business.

Below is what you can earn as an Affiliate of Skinny Body Care.

Skinny Body Care Affiliate Payplan

Training Bonus

Imagine being able to earn a commission before you even enroll a single person into your business. With the Skinny Body Care Training Bonus, once you join, you can start to earn money just by getting trained. In fact, all you have to do is watch one of our short, informative and exciting training webinars in your first week and you will get paid on the first 3 people under you in the Powerline! The Training Bonus is a one-time commission of $8 paid out the first month. After that, all earnings come from the matrix, matching bonuses, bulk order bonuses, and leadership pools.

Fast Start Bonuses With Infinity Overrides                                                                     

One of the most exciting parts of the Skinny Body Care compensation plan is the ability to make money FAST with some of the industry’s most generous Fast Start Bonuses that are paid out each and every WEEK.

You can earn up to $200 for each person you introduce when they make their first product purchase… and there is no limit as to how many people you can share this amazing product and opportunity with!

What’s even more exciting is that as those people introduce new distributors who purchase or retail our Skinny Body Care products, they will earn the Enroller Fast Start Bonus and YOU could up to an additional $40 override on the initial product purchases of EVERYONE in your entire enroller tree organization infinite levels deep!

Long Term Residual Income Team Commissions Matrix

Skinny Body Care provides long term residual income from the sales of its Skinny Fiber from over 100 countries worldwide. Skinny Body Care’s Forced Matrix 3×8 provides a powerful income stream for affiliates of Skinny Body Care

Infinity Matching Bonuses

On top of the $10,366 that you can earn in your matrix, you also have the ability to match a percentage (up to 100% with 7 Generations) of ALL of the matrix commissions that everyone earns in your enroller tree every month!

You could end up earning on hundreds indeed even thousands of matching bonus checks every month from within your enroller tree.

Infinity matching bonuses are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications in your enroller tree.

A generation is all volume from you down to the next person in your downline who is the same or higher rank. The next generation is all volume from that person down to the next person your rank or higher and so on.

Monthly Leadership Pool

Through our revolutionary Leadership Pools, YOU can capture a percentage of EVERY dollar that comes into the ENTIRE company EVERY MONTH!

In fact, after the initial 50BV order, 5% of every dollar that comes into the company EVERY MONTH is shared with YOU through our Leadership Pools!

The 5% is split amongst all ranked members as follows:



Rank Achievement Bonus

The BEST compensation plan in the industry just got even BETTER. On top of the already HUGE compensation plan payout, we are also rewarding leaders who achieve Platinum or above with our new Rank Achievement Bonuses.

Once you qualify for Platinum or above for three consecutive months, you will receive the following CASH BONUSES on TOP of ALL of your other commissions.

rank achievement bonus

Bulk Order Bonus

With the tremendous product value and compensation plan rewards that our Customers and Distributors receive when ordering more than one bottle of product at a time, it just makes sense that so many people take advantage of our bulk order packages.

And with our huge Bulk Order Bonuses, YOU get rewarded too!

Every time an order is placed for more than 50BV worth of product at a time, the first 50BV goes into the Matrix, and the rest is paid out through the Bulk Order Bonus with Infinity Overrides.


Skinny Body Care Affiliate Marketing Tools

Skinny Body Care provides all these free tools for you to become a successful affiliate.


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